Cariboo Industrial Electric ltd. is Committed to Safety and is Determined to Promote Safe and Healthy Working Conditions and Attitudes within the Company. This is Achieved through Cooperation between Management, Field Supervisors and Employees.

Part of CIE’s commitment to safety is to ensure an ever evolving OH&S program. This is achieved through audits, training programs, safety meetings and hazard assessments.

In 2011, CIE management and field supervisors took on the biggest safety change in CIE history. What started as a couple of brief safety meetings quickly turned into a complete overhaul of the entire CIE OH&S system. Management, supervisors, safety reps and employees wanted an easier way to share and communicate ideas between sites. CIE implemented a digital system, using iPads with a custom app and forms, to help with these changes. Today, because of these changes, every safety meeting, hazards assessment, safety tour, near miss and incident report is shared and reviewed amongst the entire company.